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our window cleaning team working on a glass with cleaning brushWelcome to our site. We are a full-service window cleaning provider in Newark NJ, offering a wide range of interior and exterior services to our client base.

We focus on both residential and commercial jobs in Newark, and we understand that every client has different needs. Whether you need us to perform interior window cleaning, exterior window cleaning, pressure wash your home, or any combination of these or other services. We are the local professionals you can trust! We’ve proudly served clients in
Newark, New Jersey for years, and have built a solid reputation for the quality of our work, integrity, honesty, affordable pricing, and our dedication to customer service.

​About Our Cleaning Crew & Services

We specialize in residential, commercial, and high rise window cleaning services in Newark NJ and surrounding areas. Our primary goal is to provide you with top-notch services, a streak-free finish, and make sure you’re pleased with the outcome of our work regardless of what we initially found upon arriving at your property. We understand that every client has different service needs. Because of this, we perform a complete walk-through of your property with you, to get a better understanding of your needs, so we can deliver the very best service when you hire us. Our team of licensed and insured window cleaners does not only strive to provide the best service but also ensure the house washing services we perform exceeds your expectations

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    We understand that every customer has different service needs when they contact us. For some, it’s professional pressure washing of their building’s exterior, while some other clients need us to professionally clean both the interior and exterior of their windows. Our team will discuss your service needs before we get any project underway. Some of the services we perform for residential and commercial clients are as follows.

    Glass washing service in New Jersey

    ​Window Washing

    Hiring a professional window washer is something most people take for granted. It’s not until the holidays arrive, your family is visiting, and your home is a mess, that you realize you need to have the windows professionally cleaned. Even if you maintain a clean and well-kept home, external elements like dust, wind, debris, smoke, and smog outside, will cause your windows to look dirty and dingy. Over time, films of dirt pile onto the windows, making it more difficult to clean without hiring a professional window washer in Newark to get that dirt off.

    We are here to help when you need professional window washing services completed. Our residential window cleaning process is superior to our competitors. We utilize the best equipment, professional cleaning products, and Eco-friendly cleaning methods, to wash the interior and exterior surfaces of your windows. Furthermore, our crew takes the proper steps to leave behind a streak-free finish that makes your windows look brand new when we leave your property. Our safety-first approach and dedication to the highest standards of customer service guarantee us working to meet the satisfaction of our clients. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for a quote for interior or/and exterior window cleaning .
    High Rise Window Cleaning in NJ

    ​​Residential, Commercial, and High Rise Window Cleaning

    We offer a wide range of window cleaning services and general cleaning. Our team is well-equipped with commercial-grade cleaning supplies, scaffolds, ladders, sprayers, and washers, allowing us to get up high off the ground when you need us for commercial or high rise window cleaning services. Whether you need us to clean 20-feet tall commercial building windows or clean a series of windows from level 20 to 50 in your high rise building, we have the personnel in place and the necessary equipment to get the job done quickly, efficiently, safely, and also to exceed your expectations.

    We employ the proper equipment to work in any area of your commercial property or home residence to get the job done effectively. You never have to worry about us damaging any part of your property when you contact us for professional cleaning service. Our team understands that different window materials, glazing, and finishes all require different forms of treatment, cleaning agents, and approach to get the job done right.

    We have Kingston Window Cleaning which is also a trusted partner and does amazing jobs. 

    Man clean homes gutter

    ​Gutter Cleaning

    Many people neglect their gutters, this is a big mistake. Gutters allow  water to flow freely away from your home. During a storm, flood, or other inclement weather conditions, if your gutters don’t  work as they should (clogged, or otherwise damaged), it can result in water buildup around the home’s perimeter; thereby, causing water damage to your property. This is the last thing any  homeowner wants.

    Our specialists are going to take the safest approach to clean gutters. We’ll work to remove leaves, debris, droppings, and other buildups that occur over time. Once  we remove these, we will professionally wash and flush the gutters out with the most potent cleaning agents to ensure the gunk and buildup are eliminated. If you need professional services, do not hesitate to contact us. You are not alone if don’t think about having your gutters professionally cleaned and flushed routinely, gutters are often neglected by homeowners. We take the right approach in cleaning gutters, getting rid of dirt and grime buildup on the exterior surfaces and restoring them to the clean  finish you saw when you newly moved into your home.

    Washing brick wall with pressure
    Pressure washing services are only safe when they’re done properly. Many people neglect to think about the dangers that come alongside professional power washing. For example, too much pressure can damage your home’s siding, exterior surfaces, the windows, or even the foliage and gardening outside your home. For commercial properties , if you’re not using the right pressure washer, you can damage bricks, siding, the foundation, the roof, and other surfaces of the property. Also, applying too much pressure can cause windows to shatter or other surfaces to dent.

    Our team will not allow this to happen! We do  not only work diligently to clean homes and commercial properties’  exteriors, but we also utilize the right tools in the process. We know how  powerful and dangerous Pressure washers can be with the wrong PSI is why we always start at a lower PSI to avoid damage and get a better idea of the foundation and structure of the property. From there, we take different approaches to clean your home’s siding, floors, driveway, windows, roof, gutters, and other surfaces of the property. If there is a layer of filth you’ve been staring at for months and just haven’t gotten around to cleaning your home or commercial property’s exterior, this not only detracts from the aesthetic appearance, it is also dangerous for your family, friends and customers. Contact  us today to have our team assess your property, determine the right cleaning agents to use, and get to pressure blasting away that dirt buildup, and signs of mildew that are forming around your roof in no time.
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    House Washing

    Our house washing services are done to include a wide range of services. We’ll cover track cleaning around the windows, interior and exterior washing, gutter cleanup, parking garage cleaning, and we focus on eradication of mold and mildew if there are signs of water damage or piling around your roof and siding. Whether it’s professional awning cleaning outside your patio, removing oil stains from the driveway, roof washing and moss removal, or a combination of these and other services, our team of professional house washers are here to help! Again, we take an integrative approach to cleaning your home and meeting your needs as a customer. Furthermore, custom tailor our house washing services based upon your needs, so we’ll never leave any area unturned when you choose to hire us for your professional cleaning services.

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    If the time has come for professional interior and exterior window cleaning, general house cleaning, commercial services, or any other services our company offers, we’re here to help! Don’t hesitate to give us a call to have a professional bonded and insured contractor visit your property. We have both residential and commercial professional cleaners on staff and ready to assist you with your general cleaning and window washing service needs. Contact us if you’re in the Newark or anywhere in the surrounding area and would like a quote for services, or if you are ready to have any  cleaning services performed on your property. We’re ready to serve and ensure that you’re pleased with the outcome of our services. Let our team of professional cleaners wow you with our excellent customer service, our affordable pricing, and our customer-first approach to window cleaning, pressure washing, and other professional services for both residential and commercial clients in and around Newark NJ.